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that enable open, scalable, and interoperable apps, games and experiences.

Futureverse’s comprehensive technology platform empowers developers to create the worlds they imagine.

Our FuturePass smart wallet SDK enables simple, fast, safe, and password-free user onboarding to web3 apps, games and experiences. It safeguards user identity and data, stores digital assets, tokens and memberships, manages permissions and builds status wherever they go.

D.O.T. Asset Pipeline
Digital Object Transformer

Infinite characters, generated instantly. Our 3D character/prop configuration and generation tool allows developers to create dynamic asset pipelines quickly and easily.

AI Gaming Platform and SDKs

Our AI Gaming Platform powers casual AI strategy sports games where the player acts as the coach and owner, strategically training their teams for AI-controlled action.

Asset Register & Swappables Pipeline
In Development
Asset Register & Swappables Pipeline
The Asset Register platform and tooling will assist builders in defining digital assets to ensure their compatibility with a wide range of applications in the open metaverse.
Payment SDKs
In Development
Payment SDKs
Create payment experiences that allow users to spend both digital cash or traditional money: shop online, in store, or in the metaverse.
Marketplace API image
In Development
Marketplace API
Include a full trading platform directly in your product for your users to buy or sell assets within the experience.

Futureverse’s decentralized ASM AI Protocol

allows anyone to own, train and trade unique artificial intelligence via digital Brains.

The ASM Protocol powers our leading AI Gaming Platform with first-of-its-kind casual sports AI games; AI League: FIFA Women's World Cup AU·NZ·2023™ Edition and Muhammad Ali - The Next Legends. Enabling ownable intelligence for music, art, objects, characters, animations and more allows for an evolution in content creation and world building.

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Core Protocols
  • L1 Blockchain
  • Integrated EVM
  • On-Chain Assets
  • In-Chain Exchange
  • On-Chain Collectibles Protocol
  • Efficient Staking Protocol
  • On-Chain Governance
UX Protocols
  • Any-Token Gas
  • Identity Protocol
  • Smart Wallet protocol
  • Cross-Chain Data + Asset Interoperability
Metaverse Protocols
  • Asset Register
  • Comms, Social + Data Protocol
  • AI Protocol
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Futureverse leads the development of The Root Network. A modular development toolkit prioritizing scalable, secure and interconnected metaverse experiences.

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In-Market Consumer
Apps and Experiences

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AI League, the first-ever "smart football" game, is a 4-on-4 casual football game, played between multiple AI-controlled characters, with player input at fun and tactical moments. Players act as the coach and owner of their AI teams, with each AI footballer given unique AI traits that define their strengths and weaknesses. The game is available on iOS and Android.

  • The Root Network
the next legends characters
the next legends logo

Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends is a frontier AI boxing game created by Futureverse in partnership with ABG, IP rights holders of the Muhammad Ali Enterprises. The game immerses you in the sport and culture of boxing as a coach and manager of your own boxer, powered by an AI brain. Your strategic choices both in-gym and ringside will determine whether your one-of-a-kind boxer becomes the next legend of the open metaverse.

  • Swappables PIPELINE
The Next Legends
flaf characters

FLUF World is a metaverse ecosystem of character collectables and a global, creative community. FLUF World’s ecosystem includes avatar digital collectables, virtual metaspaces and cutting-edge, non-fungible intelligence. Each new collection is another element of a rich, evolving metaverse experience, powered by Futureverse and our decentralized blockchain, The Root Network.

  • Swappables PIPELINE
  • The Root Network
FLUF World

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