March 27, 2024

FutureScore and FutureScore Quests

In the Futureverse ecosystem, participation is not only encouraged but also rewarded through our gamified loyalty system, FutureScore. This innovative system evolves based on your ongoing interaction with our network, experiences, and the collectibles you own.

Understanding FutureScore

Your FutureScore isn't just a static number; it's a dynamic number influenced by various factors, including:

  1. Owned Futureverse Collectibles: The rarity and duration of ownership of your collectibles play a significant role in shaping your FutureScore.
  2. Completed FutureScore Quests: Engaging in Quests can enhance your score, and in turn, your rewards.
  3. Ecosystem Activity: Interacting and participating in activities across the Futureverse ecosystem can contribute to your Engagement Score, which contributes to your overall FutureScore.

Growing Your FutureScore

Growing your FutureScore involves two components that make up your overall FutureScore: your Collectible Score and Engagement Score.

Collectible Score: This part of your FutureScore is influenced by the collectibles you acquire, trade, or exchange within the ecosystem. Your Collectible Score can increase over time with time held and as you expand your collection.

Engagement Score: Your Engagement Score is tied to your participation in FutureScore Quests and other activities. By completing FutureScore Quests and remaining actively involved, you can boost this score and unlock greater rewards. Engagement Score can decay over time if your activity drops.

FutureScore Quests

FutureScore Quests are a series of interactive challenges designed to help engage and grow our community with ROOT rewards based on completion. Track your Quest status and your FutureScore within your FuturePass.

Key Features of FutureScore Quests

Reward Structure: Each FutureScore Quest offers rewards upon completion, with the reward multiplier determined by your FutureScore or a part of it (Collectible Score, Engagement Score or both). Rewards can be ROOT and/or Engagement Score. The higher your score, the greater the potential rewards.

Engagement Opportunities: FutureScore Quests provide opportunities to deepen your engagement with the Futureverse community and experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Limited Availability: FutureScore Quests launch monthly and are available for a limited time. If you remain active and choose to participate, you will be rewarded.

Getting Started with FutureScore Quests

To embark on your FutureScore Quest journey and start earning rewards, all you need is a FuturePass. Keep an eye out for live FutureScore Quests and dive into the interactive challenges awaiting you on The Root Network.