March 21, 2024

The Third Kingdom: Prysm Sale

Up to 312,500,000 ROOT is waiting to be rewarded to players in the first season of The Third Kingdom. Prysms are your key to optimizing your game strategy and will be available for sale on March 27 PT 2024.

Prysms: Your Keys To The Kingdom

The Third Kingdom is an upcoming strategy simulation game, where you will develop your SurrealScapes, manage resources like Mycelium, refine materials, and discover new islands to create a production empire.

Prysms are a collection of in-game items that help you optimize your strategy for resource discovery within your SurrealScapes. Each Prysm purchased in this sale will be premium, boasting superior trait advantages in The Third Kingdom game.

Up to 312,500,000 ROOT is waiting to be rewarded to players in the first season of The Third Kingdom. Prysms are the key to optimizing your game strategy and will be available for sale on March 27 PT 2024.

There are 135,000 premium Prysms available in Season 1 of The Third Kingdom, with the number of SurrealScapes parcel slots exceeding the number of Prysms.

While SurrealScapes holders enjoy a significant advantage and access to greater rewards in The Third Kingdom, those without will be able to participate by planting Prysms on Community Land. So whether you own SurrealScapes or not, Prysms are a must-have game-ready collectible, providing access to the game and its ongoing rewards. Ready to secure yours?

Learn more about The Third Kingdom, SurrealScapes and Prysms on our website and in the blog post: The Third Kingdom Begins.

Prysms Sale Mechanic

Unlock the potential of Prysms with the Prysm Fair Value Protocol, powered by The Root Network. This innovative sales mechanic empowers the community to shape a fair price for Prysms, ensuring fair distribution and enhanced liquidity.

The Prysm sale has three phases: a Fair Value sale, a Voucher distribution phase, and a redemption phase. Before proceeding to each phase, let's define a few key terms that will help you understand the process.

Key Terms:

Fair Value sale -  The act of determining a common price for an asset or collectible.

Prysm Voucher - A tradable and fractionable ticket that is redeemable for a Prysm 1:1.

Prysm - A utility-focused collectible that helps you optimize your game strategy and unlock rewards in The Third Kingdom game.

Phase 1: Fair Value Sale (2 Weeks)

Prysms are exclusively available to Prysm Voucher holders, with each whole Voucher exchangeable for a Prysm collectible 1:1.

In Phase 1, participants are invited to spend ROOT to buy their desired number of Prysm Vouchers. This phase kicks off with each Voucher set at a minimum price of 696.9 ROOT, with a total of 135,000 Vouchers up for grabs.

As the ROOT sales for Prysm Vouchers accumulates, the sale subscription level rises. The price per Prysm Voucher remains the same until total subscription exceeds 100%. If the subscription is exceeded — calculated as the Voucher Minimum Price x Total Supply — the price for each Prysm Voucher will increase proportionally, reflecting community demand.

The sale dashboard will update in real-time, displaying your current Prysm Vouchers based on your funds in the sale protocol and the current price of a Prysm Voucher. Once your ROOT is added, it cannot be withdrawn or refunded. You can spend more ROOT to buy Prysm Vouchers as many times as you like until phase 1 closes. Following the sale, Prysm Vouchers will be listed for trade on Dexter.

This pricing mechanic is designed to maintain fairness, allowing the price of Prysm Vouchers to scale with demand, ensuring a fair distribution among all participants based on the funds they have input into the sale. Note that Prysm Vouchers are fractional to six decimal places, so you might receive portions of a Voucher, like 3.734456. Participants may choose to increase their ROOT spend to secure a whole Prysm Voucher if the price increases, or use the DEX to acquire them post-sale (outlined below). Additional funds can be added at any point during the sale.

Phase 2: Prysm Voucher Distribution

Once the sale ends, Prysm Vouchers will be distributed to each participant automatically. The number of Vouchers you receive depends on how much ROOT you've put in, compared to the final Voucher price set during Phase 1 Fair Value sale. The formula used for this calculation is as follows: [User ROOT Spent / Final Voucher Price = Number of Vouchers Received]. Any Prysm Vouchers that remain unsold at the end of the sale will be reclaimed by the project.

Additionally, Prysm Vouchers will become tradable on Dexter. This trading opportunity allows users to either acquire additional Vouchers to meet the threshold for a Prysm collectible or trade their existing Vouchers. This flexibility ensures that participants can adjust their holdings according to their needs or strategy for Prysms redemption.

Phase 3: Prysms Collectibles Redemption

Shortly after the sale has concluded and Prysm Vouchers have been distributed, Prysms collectibles redemption will open. In this phase, users can exchange each 1.000000 Prysm Voucher they hold for 1 Prysm.

If you receive a fractional number of Prysm Vouchers, such as 3.734456, you can only redeem 3 Prysms. To complete the fourth Prysm Voucher and redeem 4 Prysms, you can acquire the additional 0.265544 Vouchers by trading with other holders on Dexter. Alternatively, you can claim 3 Prysms and trade the surplus 0.734456 Vouchers.

This is the final chapter of the Prysm Fair Value protocol, where the community will have secured Prysms. The Third Kingdom: Prysms collection will be listed and tradable on MARK.

Futureverse Rewards

As a special incentive during the first 24 hours of the Prysm sale, participants will receive a 10x Engagement Score boost for any ROOT spent to purchase Prysm Vouchers. The more Vouchers you purchase, the greater your Engagement Score. For the duration of the sale each Prysm Voucher purchased will reward a base 10 Engagement Score. Visit this link for more details on FutureScore.

There will be a FutureScore Quest for participating in the Prysm sale, which will be marked as complete when 1 Prysm collectible is redeemed. The FutureScore Quest program is designed to test The Root Network that powers The Third Kingdom. To participate, you will need to create a FuturePass, your passport through the open metaverse.

Stay tuned for specific details on the upcoming Quest for the Prysms release.

How do I participate?

To get started, you will need to create a FuturePass and get ROOT tokens.

To participate in the Prysm Fair Value sale, you will need native ROOT in your FuturePass on The Root Network. For the smoothest experience, we recommend acquiring native ROOT tokens. If you purchase ERC20 ROOT tokens, you will need to bridge them to The Root Network. This can be done via the 'bridge' button located in the FuturePass dashboard under the 'Tokens' tab.

ROOT is currently tradable on the following exchanges:



❗️ To prevent token loss, never send your tokens directly between different blockchains. Always use the bridge for transfers between networks. Your FuturePass is not an ERC20 address and any ERC20 tokens sent to your 0xFffff address without using the bridge will be lost.

❗️ Always be mindful of slippage and price changes when making trades. Please review your transactions carefully before executing them.

If you have any questions or need support, please reach out to our team on Discord.