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Futureverse’s gamified loyalty system serves as an indicator of your active participation within the Futureverse ecosystem.

Your FutureScore dynamically evolves based on a variety of factors.
Owned Futureverse Collectibles.
Rarity of collectibles.
Duration of collectibles ownership.
Completed FutureScore Quests.
Social engagement.
Engagement in Futureverse experiences.
Activity on The Root Network
And more…
Your FutureScore reflects your ongoing participation in the ecosystem.
It evolves based on your ongoing interaction with our network and experiences, and the collectibles you acquire, trade or exchange.
Your FuturePass dashboard provides oversight of your active FutureScore and tracks your active, completed, and upcoming FutureScore Quests. You can follow your progress over time and monitor your earned ROOT rewards.
Welcome to FutureScore Quests – your opportunity to engage in interactive experiences to earn ROOT rewards.
Are you up for the challenge?
FutureScore Quests