November 8, 2023

Futureverse News - November 2023

Welcome to another edition of Futureverse News, your monthly update on everything from the Futureverse ecosystem. This month has been a whirlwind of exciting achievements for Futureverse, from hitting milestones with AI League: FIFA Women's World Cup AU·NZ·2023™ Edition, to the Muhammad Ali - The Next Legends Cut & Style, to the ATEM Car Club Vehicle Claim, all powered by some core Futureverse tech with the Asset Registry and DOT 2.0. Plus, we can't forget the thrilling journey of Jen and FutureScore Quests. Let's dive right in!

Message from Leadership

I’ve always preferred to let my work speak for itself. I couldn’t be more proud of our team and the fact that the work we continue to deliver (this month is no exception)… truly speaks for itself.
A recent highlight was the quadruple-punch reveal of our continued development progress on our music AI platform, Jen. We published a 2nd research paper, announced music powerhouse Mike Caren as a founding partner, showcased a live demo of Jen at Alibaba’s Apsara Conference in China and premiered the brand identity of our upcoming generative music product.
Additionally, we’ve announced some amazing updates across our range of products, including a milestone achievement for AI League, the dynamic Cut & Style release for The Next Legends powered by our Asset Registry, and the highly anticipated vehicle claim for ATEM Car Club powered by DOT 2.0.
Many people slow down as the holidays approach… we’re just heating up.
Shara Senderoff - Co-Founder, Futureverse


Jen - Founders Announcement & Alibaba Cloud Partnership

Last week, we proudly announced that music mogul Mike Caren has joined Futureverse Co-Founders Shara Senderoff + Aaron McDonald, along with Head of AI Innovation, Dr. Alex Wang as a founding partner of Jen, to lead music industry alignment and expansion. Alongside the launch of the new Jen website, the team published their second research paper entitled "JEN-1 Composer: A Unified Framework for Highfidelity Multi-Track Music Generation”, which is now available on jenmusic.ai.

But if that wasn’t enough, we also announce that we’ve entered into a strategic collaboration between Jen and Alibaba Cloud. This partnership leverages our expertise in AI music and combines it with Alibaba Cloud’s robust and secure cloud computing resources. Together, we aim to establish new standards for high-performance AI infrastructure and bolster security measures. Jen leads the way in AI generative music, and our priority access to Alibaba's advanced on-demand training infrastructure and global partner network empowers us to remain agile and innovative in this rapidly evolving market.

As part of this partnership, Aaron, Marco, and Dr. Alex headed to Hangzhou, China for Alibaba's 2023 Apsara Conference (more details below).

For more insights into Jen, our pioneering universal high-fidelity model for text-to-music generation, please refer to our recently published research paper available at here, and make sure you follow @jenmusicai on X and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all things Jen.

Check out the announcements below for the details:

AI League: FIFA Women’s World Cup AU·NZ·2023™ Edition - 500k Downloads & New Seasonal League

A remarkable milestone for our AI League! In collaboration with FIFA, Futureverse launched AI League: FIFA Women’s World Cup AU·NZ·2023™ Edition, an innovative AI-driven football strategy game. Following a successful open beta release on Android, AI League made its debut on iOS in July, coinciding with the FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached the incredible milestone of 500,000 downloads across Android and iOS, marking a significant achievement. Despite the final whistle having blown on the FIFA Women's World Cup, there's still plenty of AI-powered football manager excitement to be had.

At the start of November we also launched the new Seasonal League, which will run for one month alongside the Open League. The Season League will maintain a separate leaderboard and feature its own set of prizes, much like the setup of the FWWC23 Season. Are you ready to put your football management skills to the test as you battle it out to climb the leaderboards?

Download on Android or iOS today!

Muhammad Ali - The Next Legends Cut & Style Launch

After the Locker Room opened its doors this May, we're thrilled to launch the Cut & Style update, which introduces enhancements that include tailoring your Boxer's appearance with options like hairstyle, facial hair, hair color, and a variety of captivating poses.

But that's not all! We have an exciting roadmap ahead. Over the next two months, brace yourselves for the introduction of features like bag opening and gear swapping, designed to enhance your strategic gameplay. These are just stepping stones leading up to our grand release of "Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends", a strategic AI training game that promises to take your experience to the next level.

Customize your Boxer's style today!

Introducing the Asset Registry

The Next Legends Cut & Style release wasn’t just some fun customization of characters, it was also the first showcase of the our Asset Registry.

The Asset Registry is a core piece of The Root Network toolkit, and part of the update direction for the Sylo protocol. It is designed to enhance interoperability for metaverse assets, assisting builders in defining digital assets to ensure their compatibility with a wide range of applications, and includes features such as Create Asset Linking between assets that are either On-Chain Assets or Off-Chain Assets

Click here for more info & technical documentation.

ATEM Car Club - Vehicle Claim is LIVE

Exciting News for ATEM Community Members!

We are thrilled to announce that ATEM Membership Card holders and Walker World: Women with ATEM traits holders can now claim ATEM's game-ready vehicles, exclusively on The Root Network. This monumental step has been eagerly awaited by the ATEM community and signifies a remarkable milestone.

Claiming your ATEM Car Club Vehicles is designed to be an easy and intuitive experience. Users simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the ATEM Car Club Vehicles claim page.
  2. Select the ATEM Membership Cards or Walker World: Women assets they wish to claim.
  3. Execute a series of transactions, including ASTO spend approval, contract approval, and mint transaction (ASTO on The Root Network is necessary to cover the gas fees). You can learn how to bridge ASTO here.
  4. Voilà! They will have their coveted ATEM Car Club Vehicle(s) in their possession.
  5. Take delight in viewing your vehicles in your FuturePass Dashboard with our state-of-the-art 3D viewer!

To make the claiming process even more convenient, there's a handy Claim Checker on the webpage, allowing you to easily check the real-time status of claims for each ATEM Membership Card and Walker World: Women. The future is bright, and the roads ahead are set for an incredible ride!

Introducing Dot 2.0

As part of the ATEM claim, we were also able to pull back the curtain on DOT 2.0! DOT 2.0 is the new standard for creating unique lightweight interoperable game assets, such as characters, creatures and accessories. This technology is a significant step towards realizing an open metaverse, empowering developers to bring the worlds they imagine to life.

The video above shares a glimpse of the developer dashboard using DOT 2.0 and our custom content packs, and we’ll be showcasing more use cases in the near future!

Read more here.

FutureScore Quests

With Quest 003 coming to a close and ROOT rewards distributed, we are incredibly thankful to everyone who helped us test the beta launch of MARK, the first marketplace on The Root Network. But now it’s time for Quest 004!

This new Quest is designed to reward our dedicated FutureScore users for their continued support in testing and refining the Muhammad Ali - The Next Legends experience while engaging with the Cut & Style feature and testing Asset Registry functionality. To be rewarded for this Quest, you will need to hold at least one The Next Legends Boxer, have a FutureScore and complete the Quest.

Simply log in to The Next Legends - Locker Room with your FuturePass, change up your Boxers style (hair style, facial hair or color) and save! It’s that simple.

Should you complete this Quest, you will be rewarded with the greatest treasure of all - ROOT. Rewards are based on Quest completion and your FutureScore, and will be visible in your FuturePass after the conclusion of the Quest, on November 13 PT.


SXSW Sydney

Chris Barter, Sydney-based co-founder of King River Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in Software and AI Technology companies, moderated a panel of unicorn co-founders from Australia and New Zealand. The panelists - Robbie Ferguson (Immutable), Gus McDonald (Cover Genius), and our very own Aaron McDonald shared their remarkable stories of growth, the challenges of running a start-up and thoughts on what the future may have in store.

Alibaba Cloud Apsara Conference

As part of our collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, CEO Aaron McDonald, CTO Marco Brondani, and Head of AI Innovation Dr Alex Wang headed to Hangzhou, China for Alibaba's 2023 Apsara Conference. Aaron presented a live tech demo of JEN-1 on the main Tech stage, as well as hosting a special AI breakout session to deep-dive into our AI protocol.


  • Real Vision Podcast - Aaron caught up with Ash Bennining from the Real Vision Podcast to chat about everything from why he believes the metaverse is here to stay to the role of Futureverse in the evolving landscape of web3. This podcast is currently only available to Real Vision subscribers.

Spotlight - Vinnie

What is your role at Futureverse?
Principal, Game Innovation

What were you doing beforehand?
I have been an independent game/software developer since 2000, specializing in AR / VR / multiplayer experiences built with Unity 3D gaming platform.

What is your favourite collection?
Altered State Machine’s Genesis Brains.

What are your interests outside of work?
Being at one with nature: beach, bush, mountains. Vibing with friends and family, A few cold drinks in the sun, a few more as the sun fades.

Community News

Content Creator of the Month - SchillerVerse

This month, we're thrilled to put the spotlight on an outstanding member of our community, @shillerverse. His dedication and contributions have truly gone above and beyond, with a series of enlightening Futureverse educational pieces and captivating Twitch live streams that infuse knowledge and good vibes. We're proud to award him the well-deserved title of Content Creator of the Month. To enjoy more of his extraordinary content, follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Looking Ahead

Shara said it best in her opening statement, while many people slow down as the holidays approach… we’re just heating up.

As always, thank you for being on this journey with us. We’ll see you in the metaverse!