Your passport through the open metaverse.

Simple, fast, safe and password-free onboarding to metaverse apps, games and experiences.

All-in-one smart wallet.
FuturePass safeguards your identity and data, stores collectibles, tokens, and memberships, manages permissions and builds status and rewards.
We’ve made the technology invisible.
A web2 experience with a web3 address. FuturePass makes it easy to update your account, swap wallets and devices with access, permission payments, and if need be, recover your account.
You have full control.
When you create a FuturePass, a smart contract, owned and controlled by you, is deployed to The Root Network. You are the only one with the ability to access, update and interact with your FuturePass.
For Developers
Developers can leverage our FuturePass SDK to integrate FuturePass into apps, games or experiences, enabling users to onboard simply, safely and password-free.
What is my FuturePass?
Your FuturePass is your key to the open metaverse. It serves as a unified platform to manage your identity, data, assets, permissions and status across various apps, experiences and worlds, ensuring a simpler and safer journey. It also provides access to the FutureScore engine and FutureScore Quests, acting as your portal to rewarding challenges and experiences.
How do I grow my FutureScore?
Your FutureScore is a dynamic measure that evolves based on a variety of criteria, including the Futureverse Collectibles you own, their rarity, and how long you've held them.

Additionally, your level of interaction with the wider Futureverse community and experiences will influence your FutureScore. We'll be rolling out more ways for you to grow your FutureScore through social activities and unique experiences, so stay tuned for updates!
Do FutureScore Quests impact my FutureScore?
Each Quest has a base ROOT reward that gets multiplied by your FutureScore. The higher your FutureScore, the more ROOT rewards you can earn from each Quest. Completing Quests may also improve your FutureScore.
How do I earn more ROOT rewards for each Quest?
It’s simple, the higher your score the more rewards you are eligible for.
What kind of interactions will FutureScore Quests involve?
FutureScore Quests are designed to offer a diverse and engaging experience. They will range from simple interactions on your FuturePass Dashboard to more immersive and complex challenges that will invite you to interact more deeply with the Futureverse community and experiences.
How many FutureScore Quests will be available?
We're just at the beginning of our FutureScore Quest journey. These Quests will form an ongoing series within Futureverse, offering you opportunities to earn ROOT rewards and distinctive badges.
What is the timeframe for completing each FutureScore Quest?
Each FutureScore Quest will be available for a limited time. It's crucial to engage with and complete these Quests before their closing date to reap the associated rewards. Keep an eye out for Futureverse updates about upcoming and active Quests, this will ensure you never miss an opportunity.
What happens to my FutureScore if I sell collectibles?
Your FutureScore is fluid and changes over time based on your collectibles ownership and interactions. When you acquire new collectibles, your FutureScore will increase. Conversely, if you sell or relinquish ownership of your collectibles, your FutureScore will decrease.
What happens if I transfer my collectibles to another wallet?
Your FutureScore is intrinsically linked to your FuturePass and the unique wallet address associated with it. If you transfer collectibles to another wallet, the FutureScore corresponding to the original wallet will be affected. Please note that at this point, you can't transfer your FutureScore along with your collectibles.

However, as your new wallet acquires collectibles, a new FutureScore will begin to develop for that wallet address. Remember, your FutureScore will eventually evolve with your engagement and interactions in the community, so be an active participant to boost your score!
What happens if I leave the Futureverse ecosystem?
We understand that members might take a break from the ecosystem from time to time. But remember, your FutureScore is tied to your unique wallet ID. If you decide to step away and return later, your FutureScore will adjust based on your re-engagement with the community. We're continuously updating our scoring system, and your continued participation in our community will help grow your score. So, whether you're new or returning, there's always an opportunity to engage, grow, and earn rewards.
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