Tools that combine the ease of web2 with the power and interoperability of web3.

Think of FuturePass as a digital passport that enables your customer to seamlessly control and manage their identity, data, collectibles, value, permissions, and status across a breadth of experiences. FuturePass ensures a simple and safe journey across the open metaverse. Once a user has a FuturePass, they can connect different accounts, manage permissions, and enable applications to access specific data.
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DOT (Dynamic Object Transformer) is a tool designed for brands, developers and agencies to generate premium high-quality unique interoperable digital collectibles or game assets. The tool is particularly well-suited for gaming, sports, and entertainment brands who want to release large quantities of assets. DOT enables millions of visually unique avatars and objects from a set of base models. DOT actively morphs these models so each output is a true one of one.
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Swappables Engine
The Swappables Engine is designed for developers building apps, games, and digital experiences that want to be able to compose and decompose collectibles from one another.
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FutureQuests are for developers and brands that want to engage, reward, and strengthen the bond with their customer base.
FutureQuests supercharge the relationship between brand and customer. They represent an entirely new way for customers to interact with brands, demonstrate loyalty, and accrue rewards. For brands, FutureQuests provide a new layer of data-driven insights into their customer base.

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MintSDK was made to simplify the creation, minting, and management of both fungible and non-fungible tokens on The Root Network.

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Supporting Builders and Innovators
At Futureverse, we are committed to supporting visionary projects utilizing Futureverse platform tools, and builders on The Root Network. Whether you're a developer, creator, or community leader, there are a range of avenues available to help support you.
Accelerators and Grants
Unlock the potential of your project with accelerator and grant opportunities. Through Futureverse and our network of partners, you can access mentorship, resources, and funding to help bring your vision to life. Reach out to us for current opportunities and take the next step in your journey.
FutureScore Quests
FutureScore Quests are interactive challenges designed to engage and expand our community while offering rewards for participation. These Quests are an excellent way to showcase projects built on The Root Network and foster deeper connections within the Futureverse ecosystem. Contact us to see if we can support your project with a Quest.
Community Challenges
We believe in the power of community-led initiatives. To support these efforts, we can offer Community Challenges, where participants can earn a small ROOT reward for supporting, testing, and engaging with qualifying projects.

Together, we can build a thriving open metaverse. To discuss support avenues please contact