THE discovery
Secure your limited-edition premium Prysms, and gain access to the upcoming The Third Kingdom game.
Ends May 7th 2024 PT
Ensure you have a FuturePass.
Secure Prysm Vouchers by participating in the Fair Value sale, or trade for them after the sale ends.
Redeem your Prysm Voucher for a premium Prysm collectible.
Ends May 7th 2024 PT
Rewards for this Quest are based on completion and your FutureScore, and will be visible in your FuturePass after the conclusion of the Quest. This Quest closes on May 7 PT, any Vouchers redeemed for Prysms after this date will not qualify for the Quest.
Once Prysm Vouchers have been distributed, the Prysms collectibles redemption will open. Users can redeem 1.000000 Prysm Voucher for 1 Prysm.