April 18, 2024

Futureverse News - April 2024

Welcome to the April 2024 edition of Futureverse News, your monthly update on everything from the Futureverse ecosystem.

Message from Leadership

It’s been another busy month for the Futureverse team, and as we get well into 2024, I’m excited to see the Futureverse and The Root Network ecosystem continue to grow as we onboard new partners and continue to bring more products to market.

Last month, we announced The Third Kingdom, an upcoming strategy simulation game including friends from across the metaverse, demonstrating our commitment to the ideas of open and interoperable as well as providing a good stepping stone for new members across web3 NFT collections. The team pulled off an impressively smooth sale while enabling a whole new way for anyone to build token and NFT sales with no smart contract code. The Prysm Fair Value Sale got off to an exciting start and saw good initial participation from our new partnerships, with 20% of wallets participating new to FV.

I would also like to thank everyone for their patience and support while we have worked to resolve some bugs that saw reduced network performance over the past week. Our core dev teams, as well as many from the community and our validators, worked together to both mitigate impact and restore service. The root cause has been identified and the network is now back to a stable state.

We aren’t the first or only network to experience issues, but the team has demonstrated that even a very complex problem in a third-party library is no trouble for their skills and dedication. I’m proud of the team and community and glad we are on the other side of this now. It's just in time for an extremely exciting May with some of our biggest launches to date.

As ever, our mission to be the hub of the open metaverse remains strong, our partnerships continue to grow, and our product teams move us closer to that goal every day.

Aaron McDonald - CEO, Futureverse


The Third Kingdom: Prysm Sale

The Prysm Fair Value Sale has closed and all participants received Vouchers proportional to their ROOT spent. You can now exchange each Prysm Voucher for a Prysm collectible on The Third Kingdom website.

Prysms are your key to The Third Kingdom, in-game resources, and the 312,500,000 ROOT and other rewards to be unlocked in Season 1 alone. Get ready to install these against your SurrealScapes or Community Land to begin a unique and strategic harvesting experience shaped by the number of Prysms you are using, the traits they possess, and the synergy between the SurrealScapes and resources contained within.

Eternal Prysm of Mastery

A few lucky participants got their hands on Eternal Prysm of Mastery: the rarest Prysms in existence, boasting indestructibility and enhanced resource acquisition across any industry type. These non-consumable harvesting devices are designed to outlast all others - master keys, opening the door to a lifetime of resources and rewards in The Third Kingdom.

Vision Paper: Unearthing the Material World

Discover our latest Vision Paper: Unearthing the Material World! This innovative protocol is poised to revolutionize game economies and the gaming landscape by introducing an interoperable game economy infrastructure, enabling seamless sharing of in-game materials, items, and recipes across diverse digital experiences.

The Material World serves as a foundational data layer, empowering users to collect, refine, craft, trade, and distribute items and materials within game worlds. With The Third Kingdom as our testing ground, we invite you to explore how this protocol transcends traditional gaming boundaries, harnessing Futureverse technologies' power and The Root Network's interoperable framework to foster a truly open and interconnected metaverse.

From the intricate dynamics of virtual game economies to the potential for cross-game trading and community-driven validation, this paper illuminates the transformative possibilities of the Material World.

You can read the full vision paper here.

Gods & Goblins - New Weapons

Earlier this month, Gods & Goblins dropped the first line-up in a new series of AI-generated weapons for Grumble, created using our 3D AI tool DOC (Digital Object Creator).

DOC can generate weapons in various polycounts from text prompts, producing interoperable 3D files that take our concepts from prompt to usable in-game assets within minutes!

Check out more about the latest update here.

FutureScore Quest 009: The Discovery

FutureScore Quest 009: The Discovery is now live!

To complete this Quest, you must either secure a Prysm Voucher by participating in the Fair Value sale or trade for one now that the sale has ended. You must also redeem a full Voucher for a limited-edition premium Prysm during the Quest period.

The rewards for this Quest are based on completion and your FutureScore and will be visible in your FuturePass after the quest's conclusion.

FuturePass: SFT Transfers

FuturePass has undergone an enhancement that allows the seamless transfer of Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs) to anyone. This development represents a significant leap forward in our mission to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive open metaverse.

With this enhancement, you now have the ability to exchange parts and accessories effortlessly, fostering a culture of collaboration across our platform. Picture the convenience of transferring that spare necklace from your Party Bear to friends or family with a Party Bear that is in desperate need of some extra bling or finally obtaining that final accessory for your Raicers Kart from a mate you’ve never met in real life. These interactions not only enhance the experience but also strengthen the bonds within our community.

By facilitating peer-to-peer transfers of SFTs, FuturePass is empowering you to unlock new levels of customization and engagement. This feature embodies our commitment to innovation and user-centric design, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of the open metaverse.


CENNZ → ROOT Burn to Swap: Cycle 1

The first cycle of the CENNZ → ROOT burn-to-swap closed on March 31st, NZST, and CNZFV Ltd. distributed ROOT returns for cycle 1 to participants. Deposits are open for future cycles.

The burn to swap at a high level is designed to allow CENNZ holders to access ROOT tokens in step with the ROOT token rollout. Each cycle, we will look at the total circulating supply of ROOT that has entered the market, and 10% of this supply will then be available in the burn to swap mechanics. Learn more about the mechanics here.

To deposit and burn CENNZ and track ROOT returns, see: root-swap.cennz.net

Galxe Launch

Introducing our collaboration with Galxe, a Web3 community-building tool that offers a new learning experience about The Root Network and its core development team, Futureverse. By completing campaigns on Galxe, participants can earn loyalty points leading to ROOT rewards. These campaigns include tasks like social media sharing and creating a FuturePass, designed for both existing and new community members to explore The Root Network and the broader Futureverse ecosystem.

The first campaigns will run for approximately two months, with more to follow. To get started, log in at Galxe.com, visit app.galxe.com/therootnetwork, and start earning rewards!

Token Listings

ROOT on UpHold

We are delighted to see UpHold announce the listing of ROOT on their exchange. UpHold is the first US-based exchange to list the ROOT token, marking a significant milestone for the global accessibility of The Root Network.

Note: It is crucial to note that UpHold will be utilizing ERC20 ROOT (wrapped ROOT tokens on Ethereum). Therefore, when withdrawing from this exchange, ensure you employ an Ethereum address. If uncertain, it's advisable to initiate a small test transaction first.

Read more about the listing here.

ASTO on HTX (Huobi)

After the successful listing of ROOT on HTX last month, the exchange has followed up with listing Altered State Machine’s ASTO token.

Read more about the listing here.

BoF x Immersve x TRN x BRV

BoF has announced that Born Ready Ventures are leading its pre-seed round to support the rollout of BoF’s Real-World Asset B2B Infrastructure and B2C Platform on The Root Network, which incorporates technology by Immersve.

Read the full article here.

CTIA x Futureverse

We're excited to announce that Futureverse has partnered with CTIA to bring Japanese anime IP and game content to the open metaverse. Through this collaboration, we aim to fuse technology and creativity to provide rich digital experiences that honour Japanese anime's cultural heritage and make these characters accessible worldwide. CTIA brings expertise in web3, blockchain, NFTs, and digital transformation, which will greatly support our efforts. This partnership will expand Futureverse's community in Japan and deepen The Root Network's utility by leveraging CTIA's connections to game resources and developers.

Read the full article here.

The Root Network - Marketplace Blog

From Substrate fundamentals to the complexities of storage migrations, The Root Network’s latest blog post takes you on a journey through the design and development of The Root Network's custom Marketplace, NFT and SFT Pallets.

Read the full blog post here.

Podcasts & Events

Wave of Innovation presents XRP Gold Coast

Amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Australia's iconic Gold Coast, Aaron McDonald and the Futureverse team made a resounding impact at the inaugural XRPL Conference "Wave of Innovation." Aaron's keynote speech set the tone for the event, inspiring the audience with insights into the future of our user experience as we evolve into a more immersive convergence with how we navigate safely with our value through future environments.

Aaron then joined a captivating panel with Josh from Catalyze, Shen from Gen3 Games, and Neil from Ripple, who discussed many great topics, including the growth of adoption in South Korea. This panel and the whole event were hosted by our good friends Chip and Jeff from On the Chain and Crypto Eri, whose builders series highlighted the amazing people who will be the ones to watch.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed valuable time alongside Jerome from Immersve, Jeff and Scott from Moai Finance and many more partners, friends, fellow developers and their communities with a shared passion and commitment to the vision being built on the XRPL and The Root Network.

This was an incredibly well-run and flawlessly executed community-organised event; the Wave Of Innovation team, along with all the guest speakers and the community volunteers, championed the theme of the natural talking point for the weekend in the power of community.

Futureverse in Dubai

This week Dubai is buzzing with three blockchain events: Token 2049 from April 18-19, ETH Dubai on April 20-21, and WBS Global Series from April 22-23. Our VP Partnerships, Dorian Johannink, will be in attendance. If you're also going to be there and would like to connect, feel free to let us know!

Learn more about our partnerships

Spotlight - Jason Tulp

What is your role at Futureverse?

I’m a Blockchain Technology Specialist - Protocol. AKA, I help write the code that puts the blocks in a chain.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love that every day is filled with new challenges, pushing me to adapt to this dynamic landscape. The exposure to different industries due to our expanding roster of projects allows me to paint a complete picture of what we’re building and gives context to my work at the base layer. Every requirement from external teams provides a different perspective into how people use this technology. My team at Futureverse is incredibly supportive, and we are constantly learning from each other’s unique specialisations. The pool of knowledge appears to be infinitely deep but I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to glimpse the bottom.

What is your favourite FV collection?

Slightly biased opinion, but the OG FLUF will always be my favourite. Long live the Fluffle!

What are some of your interests outside of work?

When I’m not coding in the Substrate world, I’m out trying to eat every sandwich/burger in Auckland, diving to find Nudibranchs (The NFTs of the sea) or adding plants to my recently acquired plant collection. Still haven’t figured out how to keep the plants alive but I will never give up... Sorry plants.

If you could collaborate with anyone, living or dead, on a project for Futureverse, who would it be and why?

Definitely Mac Miller. I feel like his way of working and creating music was so beautifully orchestrated that I would’ve loved to be even a small part of it.

Content Creator of the Month - KonaRoadHQ

Let's give a big cheer for KonaRoad, our marvelous Content Creator of the Month for March! KonaRoad, the stats sensation, has been crunching numbers and dishing out data delights across our ecosystem. His knack for turning complex figures into digestible insights has become the go-to source for our community's curiosity. While the team cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of his analyses, we're thoroughly impressed by his analytics wizardry and his mission to bring clarity to the community. That's why he's nabbed the well-deserved title of Content Creator of the Month. Let's take a moment to celebrate and give thanks for KonaRoad's remarkable dedication to our community! To stay connected and support KonaRoad, follow him on all his socials: X and Discord.

KonaRoad, you're the 'data' MVP of our community! We're thrilled to have you on board, adding depth and insight to our ecosystem. Your contributions make our community shine brighter than ever before. Keep up the fantastic work!