FuturePass Terms and Conditions

<div class="page-body"><p id="1dc1b874-f7c0-43ee-923e-c4e87e421eb5" class="">These FuturePass Terms and Conditions (<strong>Terms</strong>) apply to all FuturePass Owners (“<strong>Owners</strong>”,<strong> </strong>“<strong>you</strong>”, “<strong>yourself</strong>”, “<strong>your</strong>”) – they govern use of your FuturePass within metaverse experiences. Please read these Terms carefully – by creating a FuturePass you agree to these Terms.</p><p id="afc5b163-6ba3-4154-8cbf-4001b681fd4c" class="">In these Terms, references to “<strong>Futureverse</strong>”, “<strong>we</strong>”, “<strong>our</strong>” and “<strong>us</strong>” means Futureverse Corporation Limited, a New Zealand company with its registered office at 17 South Street, Newton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand, or to experiences hosted in the web3 environments (as the context requires).</p><p id="ee7bfe03-cb10-415d-ae1f-5ad89a8b11cf" class="">FuturePass functionality is continually being built and refined. Some FuturePass functions referred to in these Terms (such as Permissions) may not be available – we are working on operationalizing new features to improve your FuturePass user experience.</p><p id="ead5e63f-816d-4949-ba19-98de37cc1c1a" class=""><strong>By accessing or using our Website or FuturePass Application, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these Terms. We may update or replace these Terms from time to time by publishing a new version on our Website/Application and have no obligation to notify you of any changes. We recommend that you periodically review these Terms for changes. By accessing or using the Website or FuturePass App where these terms and conditions are referred to, after the “Last updated” date at the bottom of these Terms, you will be deemed to have accepted the updated Terms. If you don't agree to the updated Terms, you must stop accessing and using the Website or Application.</strong></p><p id="84a125dc-26a3-4254-979b-6e4f33e2005a" class=""></p><ol type="1" id="4455894d-398b-40fc-a0f9-0098ecbbee75" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li><strong>Definitions</strong><ol type="1" id="fdacfcc6-54f9-4321-aae2-3c4e040119c7" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li><strong>Stuff</strong> means the digital collectibles, funds, keypairs, and other tokens stored and managed in your FuturePass in accordance with associated Permissions.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="d288e0eb-f725-4f09-acaf-b2d426137f05" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li><strong>Digital collectible </strong>means a unique or limited virtual item, featuring a verifiable certificate of ownership.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="015d02b1-6bb2-4ec0-81ad-9c069342fd2c" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li><strong>Content</strong> means any content that is created, posted, submitted, uploaded, or otherwise transmitted via a FuturePass.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="3ed0cea6-a052-478c-a6aa-6fb9eb97360d" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li><strong>Custodial</strong> means a wallet where the private keys are held and controlled by a third party.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="f72ae29b-9325-4821-9a29-8870122a49f5" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li><strong>Dashboard </strong>means the management dashboard for your FuturePass which is accessible when logged into your FuturePass via your Primary Wallet(s), where you can view, manage, and update FuturePass details, including changing Permissioned Wallets.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="dbf80339-0537-4a80-b7da-674acd7c286c" class="numbered-list" start="6"><li><strong>Experience</strong> means any Metaverse and/or web3 experience and/or application (App) that has adopted FuturePass for identity and Asset management within their experience/App.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="0564718e-d3ff-48ef-98ea-1d735a73b6d8" class="numbered-list" start="7"><li><strong>FuturePass </strong>means an on-chain identity contract that can be used to manage Digital Collectibles and engage with metaverse Experiences. A FuturePass is accessed by proving ownership of a Permissioned Wallet.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="193dbd08-0c8e-41dd-9fea-5827ab5baa3f" class="numbered-list" start="8"><li><strong>Non-Custodial </strong>means a wallet where the private keys are solely held and controlled by the user.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="c7c41e70-0a91-4f1d-b4fb-cb7a25080c25" class="numbered-list" start="9"><li><strong>Permissioned Wallet </strong>means any Custodial or Non-Custodial wallet that you have granted Permissions to access and/or engage with your FuturePass, including and in addition to your Primary Wallet(s).</li></ol><ol type="1" id="733c502d-e1c4-45d6-ac9d-38ef9cd62b2b" class="numbered-list" start="10"><li><strong>Permissions </strong>means specific authoriszations and/or restrictions a Permissioned Wallet has to:<ol type="a" id="1303e49c-f0ae-48d6-b094-1662f0d39dc1" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>Use a FuturePass to interact with Experiences; and</li></ol><ol type="a" id="ed3da7fb-9797-42d1-8660-dd08c4f8a6b8" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>Access a FuturePass’ Digital Collectibles and Content.</li></ol><p id="bad45982-bd55-46da-8a5d-0ff1352a597d" class="">Available Permissions for a FuturePass will vary between Permissioned Wallets across different Experiences and Stuff.</p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="2479d246-d108-4a25-b7bd-5935a683b0ed" class="numbered-list" start="11"><li><strong>Primary Wallet </strong>means the main Permissioned Wallet(s) (either Custodial or Non-custodial) underpinning and with Permissions giving you access to your FuturePass.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="25d3c30a-c0ff-4077-8102-b5e71eca567a" class="numbered-list" start="12"><li><strong>Vault </strong>means the Futureverse vault where the private keypair(s) for Custodial Permissioned Wallets are stored in an encrypted state.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="b8c781ee-1b9a-4196-ab76-01b97710cd69" class="numbered-list" start="13"><li><strong>ASTO</strong>&nbsp;is a protocol utility token for the ASTO AI Protocol</li></ol><ol type="1" id="77ebac0f-3826-4542-9608-695cff142a06" class="numbered-list" start="14"><li><strong>Tickets</strong> means proof of paid entry that gives the ability and access to enter into a paid event or experience.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="13232661-7a25-4fad-9c38-5efb7b9f3e42" class="numbered-list" start="15"><li><strong>Quest Rewards</strong> is recognition that you have successfully participated in FutureScore Quest or other activity. </li></ol><ol type="1" id="6ba3e8ee-b7f6-4468-91e8-3b3148a9ed2e" class="numbered-list" start="16"><li><strong>ROOT token</strong> or <strong>$ROOT</strong> is The Root Network security and governance token. </li></ol><p id="2dba62a9-8e5a-4e93-813f-8c1eb291849a" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="83aa424e-f801-40f3-96d5-b917706c1971" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li><strong>FuturePass eligibility</strong><ol type="1" id="ade8b767-5f4a-4674-93bd-efdd700a7c38" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>In order to create a FuturePass, you must:<ol type="1" id="d8c23b85-9f73-425c-b7cc-734af19dcfe4" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>not already have a FuturePass;</li></ol><ol type="1" id="96bb7b0b-2fe5-4bb5-a29e-4fe7450119dc" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>have your own valid Permissioned Wallet; and</li></ol><ol type="1" id="22c36075-9344-4d62-aac4-a661d2f56d5a" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>if you are creating a FuturePass on behalf of a business or other entity, you confirm that you have authority to act on its behalf and that the entity agrees to these Terms.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="811f92de-74cf-4f1a-acd4-a8a70c465f51" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>be a person of legal age in your country of residence and able to enter into contracts or have the permission of your parent/guardian.</li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="7da92152-d238-4806-a29b-941fdcb905cf" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>Each FuturePass is limited to one identity (i.e., one FuturePass Holder) only – the FuturePass Holder must validly own or have the right to their Primary Wallet.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="d0316e6f-6090-41d9-bf99-7619605b3a47" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>There is a limit of one (1) FuturePass per person/FuturePass Holder – i.e. you can only create one (1) FuturePass.</li></ol><p id="4785ac46-a00f-4160-b7c5-f1dab0aa2bab" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="8132ac9f-f81e-482d-aaea-77fa9ec41862" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li><strong>Creating a FuturePass</strong><ol type="1" id="e414b88f-b775-4e87-8257-6b12bac0fba0" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You can create a FuturePass by connecting an existing Non-Custodial Primary Wallet, or with a Custodial Primary Wallet:<ol type="1" id="50a1a5dd-9c59-40e3-8a6a-8cd7af1d85ac" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li><strong>Non-Custodial</strong>: to create a FuturePass using a Non-Custodial Primary Wallet you’ll need to:<ol type="1" id="57a42398-e47d-424f-867c-6b5f82ba809c" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>sign a prompted transaction using an existing Non-Custodial wallet; and</li></ol><ol type="1" id="d6ee1d14-085b-4aac-926a-d82ac3ff3c7c" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>agree to these Terms and read the Risk Disclosure Statement; or</li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="34b1ee63-d241-4d00-ba1c-cd0b60a1ef59" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li><strong>Custodial</strong>:<strong> </strong>to create a FuturePass using a Custodial Primary Wallet you’ll need to:<ol type="1" id="92fd424b-9e7a-4979-9983-af8871d9dbcd" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>either login using your Google account, Facebook login or by entering a 6-digit code sent to your email address. In this scenario your Google credentials, Facebook login or email will authorize access to a private key for your Primary Wallet generated and stored by Futureverse in the Futureverse Vault; and</li></ol><ol type="1" id="0b8781df-97b8-4122-aa99-bf71b8fddba7" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>agree to these Terms and read the Risk Disclosure Statement</li></ol></li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="8e136903-e69d-4448-b111-a2b42bda7080" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>You agree to provide us with any other information we may reasonably request from time to time, for example where we need to meet our own legal requirements.</li></ol><p id="d33ab45f-ce0a-46b4-984d-fb136c178764" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="be7b4e78-6f0f-4e0c-be1f-b57bb593ed77" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li><strong>FuturePass security</strong><ol type="1" id="db93b405-6a22-4249-81fc-9ab1f3c9fc8c" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You are responsible for maintaining security of your FuturePass. Do not share access to your Primary Wallet(s) with anyone else. Provided we have complied with our Custodial Primary Wallet obligations (if any), you accept all risk of any unauthorized use of or access to your FuturePass and any actions and transactions made through the same.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="e15defc3-7c10-4d09-a12c-4eb5534b1afd" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li><strong>Custodial Primary Wallet(s): </strong>where your FuturePass has a Custodial Primary Wallet(s), the private key(s) for your Primary Wallet(s) will be created, encrypted, and stored in the Futureverse Vault. You can manage and change your Primary Wallet(s) and Permissions through your Dashboard.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="e71dbf10-e50b-42ea-ab83-b74f276d2f91" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li><strong>Non-custodial Primary Wallet</strong>: where your FuturePass has a Non-Custodial Primary Wallet(s), you have sole control of and responsibility for your private key(s) and for keeping access to your FuturePass via the Primary Wallet(s) secure.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="24c1ccae-0a31-4423-855b-1a065b02b1e8" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li><strong>FuturePass security protocols</strong> will change in accordance with any FuturePass updates you make between Custodial and Non-Custodial Primary Wallets and Permissioned Wallets.</li></ol><p id="8ed37565-823d-4ad3-a0ee-bb20cd7a41b0" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="654e80aa-00a2-4c17-a80e-3275d3293c4e" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li><strong>FuturePass Dashboard</strong><ol type="1" id="b3e0e720-5486-49ef-8ca8-df3fa981b031" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>Access to your FuturePass Dashboard is available at futurepass.futureverse.app. </li></ol><ol type="1" id="94a4d141-ae1c-4f23-9c0a-22ef2d868c2c" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>You can only access your Dashboard (and make changes to your FuturePass) when logged in through your Primary Wallet(s).</li></ol><ol type="1" id="dee52fab-47bd-4209-bc40-0bd5a64244a4" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>Your Dashboard allows you to view, manage, update, and customize your FuturePass at any time, including:<ol type="1" id="c176c056-bc98-45cd-a353-4ebcad7e2dab" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li><strong>Primary Wallet(s):</strong> you can view, add, and remove your Primary Wallet(s) including switching between Custodial and Non-Custodial options (provided a FuturePass must always have at least one (1) Primary Wallet at all times).</li></ol><ol type="1" id="cf9e8706-27fc-4ccd-b051-9fc186815f18" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li><strong>Permissioned Wallet(s): </strong>you can view, add, and remove your Permissioned Wallet(s) and update associated Permissions for any Permissioned Wallets.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="312ddd20-d031-402a-9e0f-64242aff0c76" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li><strong>Stuff: </strong>you can view, manage, send, add, remove, and use the Collectibles linked to your FuturePass, including the Permissions relevant to any Asset.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="4ceb7959-14d8-4274-a7e5-e7273b9d9cbc" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li><strong>History: </strong>(’Coming Soon’)<strong> </strong>you can review recent FuturePass transactions and activity, including engagement with Experiences.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="24ca1ee5-fef3-4ed8-a3ac-2a537bac4fc8" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li><strong>Permissions: </strong>you can review, manage, and update your Permissions (including transferring Permissions between Permissioned Wallets (if any).</li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="8c3f2534-37b1-4787-8e32-f63f4adeb148" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li><strong>Dashboard features: </strong>additional and/or amended FuturePass management features may be available through the Dashboard from time to time. Any updates will not affect your ability to manage your Stuff, Primary Wallet, and Permissioned Wallet(s).</li></ol><p id="46728996-0e1b-46b4-9cbb-7e7598611f80" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="8a088e0c-f76e-462e-b5eb-e39447031d22" class="numbered-list" start="6"><li><strong>Permissions</strong><ol type="1" id="ea48a8ca-d87a-4f60-bc27-425706c59ed6" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>Permissions are not currently available in the current version of your FuturePass – we are working to roll out this functionality.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="230c6a28-8985-4d94-bbc1-880abc8c0692" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>Permissions allow you to control how your FuturePass is accessed and used within available Experiences. Experiences and Permissioned Wallets can only engage with your FuturePass in the way you have authorised (or, as the case may be, restricted) them to through available Permissions.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="4df58702-e488-4079-a8d2-4a71ffa21b99" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>You can manage and control your FuturePass accessibility and activity by using Permissions to authorise and/or restrict Permissioned Wallets to use your FuturePass to:<ol type="1" id="b142ed65-4e33-4404-b0ef-7951849851b8" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>engage with Experiences (and each Experience’s ability to engage with your FuturePass); and</li></ol><ol type="1" id="9f03acf1-b38a-4e62-924d-783b7951a30d" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>use/utilize your Stuff.</li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="82fde45c-9743-4a6d-b10b-41f2b8c7e14b" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>You can review and update your Permissions through your Dashboard at any time (once this function is available).</li></ol><p id="f03a6bf2-c40e-4c8e-b295-7ca862dff8ef" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="f2a3e2bc-9580-4e6e-b9ad-692bdd981b22" class="numbered-list" start="7"><li><strong>Content</strong><ol type="1" id="5178b3ad-173a-425d-b498-adde292bf00c" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You are solely responsible and liable for all Content in relation to your FuturePass.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="9a637200-c8f9-4cf6-b342-504ddb65fa98" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>You represent and warrant that your Content:<ol type="1" id="9e0b71f3-54b7-44c7-808f-2cfd5c8656ae" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>will not be defamatory, offensive, inappropriate, inappropriate, hateful, violent, harmful, racist, or libellous;</li></ol><ol type="1" id="879483f4-f283-4cb3-928b-79fc8ca60a86" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>will not infringe any third-party copyright, patent, trade mark(s), or other proprietary rights anywhere in the world; and</li></ol><ol type="1" id="617a8067-427b-4d3a-9018-4c4bf265bec4" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.</li></ol><p id="b195ed4c-3f9a-4285-9b1c-be99ded319b8" class=""></p></li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="092e9177-44cb-4290-bc21-6144e8ffb0d6" class="numbered-list" start="8"><li><strong>Experiences and Permissioned Wallets</strong><ol type="1" id="5cc74f7f-2757-42ee-bff0-086b34a630d0" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You can use your FuturePass, and grant Permissions to any Experience(s).</li></ol><ol type="1" id="86014b11-b05b-4e18-b081-08292952290b" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>Where you use, access or otherwise engage in activity through your FuturePass in any third-party Experience (i.e. a non-Futureverse Experience), and/or grant Permissions to any Permissioned Wallet(s), you acknowledge and confirm that:</li></ol><ol type="1" id="636a4e2f-a7f5-4bd3-90dc-83b66898717a" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>use of your FuturePass in any Experience and/or a Permissioned Wallet’s interaction with your FuturePass, may be subject to additional terms and conditions that are specific to that Experience and/or Permissioned Wallet;</li></ol><ol type="1" id="01aa7385-e86a-428f-a82a-14dc6fc0cdfb" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>we have no control over third-party Experiences and are not responsible or liable for the availability of any third-party or external Experience(s), or any content, activities, material, and/or experiences available through any third-party Experience(s);</li></ol><ol type="1" id="8dc398c9-9d2f-43f1-a63b-ffc5b3428df7" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li>we have no control over Permissioned Wallets and their interaction with your FuturePass and/or Stuff (in accordance with Permissions or not)</li></ol><ol type="1" id="1a0cb11f-2957-41c3-9ede-ccc842464991" class="numbered-list" start="6"><li>Where you use your FuturePass in any Futureverse Experience – to the extent there is any inconsistency between these Terms and the relevant terms and conditions for the Futureverse Experience, the Experience terms and conditions will apply (to the extent of the inconsistency).</li></ol><p id="f0686a65-abcd-4c84-91af-f779c7c13ab1" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="0a89ebb3-b779-4bf1-b670-ad24747ce419" class="numbered-list" start="9"><li><strong>FuturePass use</strong><ol type="1" id="188e0303-c66c-4ff6-9943-795d9bbb46d7" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You are in control of your FuturePass, how it is used (including through Permissions), and the way it interacts on-chain with Experiences, Permissioned Wallets, and your Stuff, subject to applicable laws and these Terms.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="8c003cc8-f30a-4eb0-ba8a-2a2f9bf7615c" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>Futureverse has provided the interface to create your on-chain identity FuturePass. Once you have created your FuturePass, Futureverse can only interact with your FuturePass in accordance with relevant Permissions granted for Futureverse Experiences.</li></ol><p id="7fa5b7d6-5183-4978-a9e4-20c35425df2f" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="01fa568f-bd28-4dd3-b2a0-211aa6387c11" class="numbered-list" start="10"><li><strong>FutureScore</strong><ol type="1" id="6434fe01-c62a-43a6-9a7b-db367d29030c" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>FutureScore is a feature on your FuturePass Dashboard available to FuturePass Holders. It’s our gamified loyalty/status system which acts as a measure of FuturePass Holders’ active and constructive engagement, interaction, and participation within the Futureverse ecosystem.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="027ade0a-35f9-47f1-8d6f-a039c2344c54" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>FutureScore is a dynamic engagement measure that’s influenced by your FuturePass ‘Activities’ in the Futureverse ecosystem. Your FutureScore updates in real-time based on your ongoing interaction with Futureverse, Experiences and the Digital Collectibles you own, trade or exchange within your FuturePass.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="407fa083-d1b0-4ddf-b765-8b30bf540c09" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>You can track your FutureScore at any time in your Dashboard.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="54fac2cf-8ac8-4ccb-81bf-1ad235b1f007" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>FutureScore is only available to FuturePass Holders.</li></ol><p id="9dbfd9c1-49fe-40fa-8f86-2337455c05b0" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="6279fa2a-4cfb-4ad9-9c55-836b65bdecc5" class="numbered-list" start="11"><li><strong>FutureScore Quests</strong><ol type="1" id="c9e94776-5443-49ff-a805-e502576726c2" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>FutureScore Quests are a series of interactive challenges made available to eligible FuturePass Holders to help engage, improve, and grow the Futureverse ecosystem and our community.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="911d33e6-4a1b-4293-b122-0b61f6859910" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>Each Quest is different – ranging from simple interactions on your FuturePass Dashboard to more immersive and complex challenges that involve increased engagement with the Futureverse ecosystem, community, and Futureverse Experiences.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="f48b3401-ac53-426d-adde-262209fbbb28" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>Quests are entirely voluntary. You can choose to participate in some Quests and not others.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="c08f115a-698c-4462-ba4e-7fe4af8720f8" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>Your Dashboard provides oversight of your current FutureScore and tracks your active, completed, and upcoming FutureScore Quests.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="d31db15e-def5-4fce-9d7d-3a5f107222e0" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li>Quests may be subject to separate terms and conditions. Where you use your FuturePass to participate in any Quest – to the extent there is any inconsistency between these Terms and the relevant terms and conditions for that Quest, the Quest terms and conditions will apply (to the extent of the inconsistency).</li></ol><p id="c3e31d26-1e51-45c0-94a3-a8d127903528" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="7c6b9a3e-ec8c-45a7-bc31-f88ef2bb8d4b" class="numbered-list" start="12"><li><strong>Quest Rewards</strong><ol type="1" id="c602a16b-2f0f-44ca-b364-31e475b40cca" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>Provided you are entitled by law to receive them in your jurisdiction, FuturePass Holders may receive ROOT token rewards for completing Quests.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="09b03fde-ce48-4b22-addc-cb84fba80023" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li><strong>ROOT tokens</strong> are the primary tokens of The Root Network and are issued by FV Platform (BVI) Limited (<strong>FV BVI</strong>). FV BVI has made 20% of its ROOT token supply available to Futureverse to use as rewards for completed Quests.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="0fbec8f4-df11-4f1b-aff3-6f5785852c29" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>ROOT token rewards may be distributed to FuturePass Holders who complete each Quest in accordance with these Terms. The total ROOT token rewards distributed to eligible FuturePass Holders on completion of a Quest is determined by us with reference to their FutureScore which acts as a multiplier for the ROOT token rewards.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="91744ad9-62af-4be6-b166-2332b22a5b2f" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>The amount of ROOT token rewards available on completion of each Quest will be different. The ROOT Reward for any Quest does not guarantee or otherwise mean you will receive the same (or even similar) rewards for the same or similar Quests in future.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="7796e5ea-94b7-4d05-8698-ba5444f54939" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li>We reserve the right not to deliver ROOT token rewards to, or otherwise permit the acquisition of ROOT tokens by, persons in any jurisdiction where to do so would be illegal or require Futureverse, FV BVI CNZFV or any other person to take any step including (without limitation) registration or licensing, where such persons are the subject of economic or financial sanctions or trade embargoes which are binding on us, or where we may otherwise be restricted from doing so by any relevant law or rule.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="aadce2be-06d5-420c-9e41-9721b12b987a" class="numbered-list" start="6"><li>All ROOT rewards gained by participating in the Services or Quests will be transferred to you by CNZFV Limited. By proceeding to accept the ROOT rewards transferred to you by CNZFV Limited, you represent and warrant to us and to the other Indemnified Persons that:<ol type="1" id="ccf4fb04-884c-4411-8c98-dfd9284a187b" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You have sufficient understanding of the functionality, usage, storage, transmission mechanism and knowledge of cryptographic tokens, cryptographic wallets, blockchain technology and blockchain-based software systems;</li></ol><ol type="1" id="3f4c65d3-2539-4b43-958d-c1ccb7ccddbe" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>You accept all risks associated with the rewards (whether such risks are disclosed by us or not disclosed and including all unanticipated risks);</li></ol><ol type="1" id="7cd78f07-9e2d-4fc4-a9e5-1b8188245a47" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>You will, upon request and to our collective satisfaction, provide us (and our affiliates including without limitation, CNZFV Limited) with due diligence information to determine your identity, the identity of your beneficial owners, the source of your collective funds and the source of your collective wealth;</li></ol><ol type="1" id="10659e79-b842-47b5-8dd0-e38af443eba3" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>If you are an individual, you are at least 18 years of age, you have sufficient legal capacity to enter into claiming the rewards;</li></ol><ol type="1" id="73e8a184-cc59-4000-804f-6cae59648f6f" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li>If you are accepting the issue of ROOT tokens as a corporate entity, such entity is duly incorporated, registered and validly existing under the applicable laws of the jurisdiction in which the entity is established, and you have the authority and consent to enter into the reward process;</li></ol><ol type="1" id="0f9e17bf-1c53-439e-8abc-30c4592266ee" class="numbered-list" start="6"><li>Receiving ROOT tokens is not unlawful or prohibited under the laws of your jurisdiction or under the laws of any other jurisdiction to which you may be subject;</li></ol><ol type="1" id="f1214849-8013-4c7f-811e-8142e4a28e4e" class="numbered-list" start="7"><li>You will not use ROOT tokens to finance, engage in, or otherwise support any unlawful activities; and</li></ol><ol type="1" id="9843fefc-45f2-460b-890b-9641eec1a22e" class="numbered-list" start="8"><li>You are completing the token reward process based on your own independent judgment and on advice from independent advisors as you have considered necessary.</li></ol></li></ol><p id="8bcc09c4-3ef9-459c-8e39-4de2cc97fd35" class="">BY PROCEEDING TO USE THE WEBSITE OR APPLICATION, THE SERVICES , YOU WARRANT AND REPRESENT TO US AND TO THE OTHER INDEMNIFIED PERSONS THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTED ALL TERMS IN THESE TERMS. ALL OTHER INDEMNIFIED PERSONS WILL HAVE ALL RIGHTS AS BENEFICIARIES PERMITTED UNDER THE CONTRACT AND COMMERCIAL LAW ACT 2017, PART 2. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY ASPECT OF THESE TERMS, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY STOP AND DO NOT USE THE WEBSITE/APPLICATION OR PARTICIPATE in QUESTS.<mark class="highlight-teal"><br><br></p><ol type="1" id="ae20cc4b-425a-482b-9ab8-8e1e2d2f4585" class="numbered-list" start="7"><li><strong>Quest Rewards Disputes:</strong><ol type="1" id="3b009c50-48c4-4701-9a28-5799dfe9a7e4" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>Any user who believes there is an error in the Quest Rewards attributed to them must be an active FuturePass holder to initiate a dispute.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="b1178cc1-a164-4e87-8d5f-2680af6d3ab3" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>A dispute must be submitted in writing to <a href="mailto:Support@Futureverse.com">Support@Futureverse.com</a>  or via the Futureverse Discord #open-a-ticket channel within 30 days of the Quest closing. The Quest close date is defined by each Quest’s terms and conditions.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="b3f42ba0-846d-4733-b5bb-8e03546b71c2" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>Any additional information requested from the user to investigate and resolve the dispute must be provided within 7 days. Failure to provide the required information within this period may result in the closure of the dispute, with no further action taken.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="c3bb9a7c-8508-4221-8f3e-f67e31b0d187" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>Once a decision has been reached, we will communicate the outcome to the user. If the dispute is found to be valid, appropriate actions will be taken to rectify the error, which may include adjusting rewards accordingly.<mark class="highlight-teal"><br><br></li></ol></li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="7f6fdb4e-62fa-4c8f-9881-19aa65d57b3d" class="numbered-list" start="13"><li><strong>Tickets</strong><ol type="1" id="4c34fad5-51c3-4483-8e1c-ea5f8c208a24" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>A ticket is proof of paid entry that gives the ability&nbsp;to&nbsp;access into a paid event or experience.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="b5217083-caef-400b-a2fa-287187310f78" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>Tickets are able to be purchased within the FuturePass Dashboard with the ASTO token.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="da457373-73f5-4975-b7dd-f2f759b94772" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>Purchase of tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. </li></ol><ol type="1" id="e5917491-6a6b-497e-a23d-f9f694f5a888" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>Tickets are able to be redeemed within compatible Futureverse Experiences</li></ol><ol type="1" id="5d64786f-a0a6-4888-9a09-877837707e64" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li>Any activity relating to the use of tickets is subject to the specific game or experience they are being redeemed within.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="d6ae6a69-fa9a-4a03-8fd1-35427113a7e8" class="numbered-list" start="6"><li>You can view your ticket balance at any time within the FuturePass Dashboard</li></ol><p id="cce33500-4261-4b53-8827-03bc0a886114" class="">Please remember as per 8.3 the use of your FuturePass in any Experience and/or a Permissioned Wallet’s interaction with your FuturePass, may be subject to additional terms and conditions that are specific to that Experience and/or Permissioned Wallet;</p><p id="e3d88dfa-1cdf-4817-a45b-86da907aa184" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="8224441f-604f-480d-b983-aa8f6e5638dc" class="numbered-list" start="14"><li><strong>Swappables Experience</strong><ol type="1" id="b380abaa-d75d-43ce-9c32-5c47a489af1d" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>The Swappables Experience will be accessed within your FuturePass and opened through a sub-domain. It uses the Swappables Engine, which enables viewing and interaction with interchangeable content in the open metaverse.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="2a268bb5-3390-4223-9e43-a4b58adc6c96" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>You can interact with different IPs within the Swappables Experience as they become available. Each IP will have unique outcomes based on their interaction with the Swappables Engine.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="acee04db-dffd-4891-bb38-bf4f0c9ba396" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>If you choose to bridge your digital collectible to The Root Network and want to interact with the Swappables Engine, some of your digital collectibles will require going through the split.</li></ol><p id="7223a672-da80-4a5e-97f5-75255f479a69" class=""><strong>Please Note</strong> - Splitting is irreversible. When you split your collectible, you burn your existing digital collectible and mint new digital collectible’s as accessories on The Root Network. This step is necessary to enable Swappables Functionality via the Swappables Engine and Asset Register. Please ensure you understand this before proceeding with any split of your current digital collectible.</p><ol type="1" id="eb7c922d-19a5-4ec6-bcf8-85a63127d63d" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li>A cost may be associated with using the Swappables Experience. XRP will be the currency for payment but not limited to. Fees may be different depending on network activity. Please always review and accept costs before proceeding at any time within the experience.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="b5bd7374-7f36-4d09-b784-3c9bbb7acc28" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li>The Swappables Experience may be subject to separate terms and conditions. Where you use your FuturePass to access The Swappables Experience – to the extent there is any inconsistency between these Terms and the relevant terms and conditions for the experience, the Swappables Experience terms and conditions will apply (to the extent of the inconsistency).</li></ol><p id="3a991494-a203-48b4-bf14-af534ad6f41c" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="8b23620d-4b69-47f6-939b-8a0e5886440d" class="numbered-list" start="15"><li><strong>Intellectual property</strong><ol type="1" id="14ff9f00-2d4a-4d02-90dc-a482acb63cc7" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You are the owner and/or licensee of all Stuff that you choose to store, collect, manage, and/or use through your FuturePass and of all Content you create or otherwise make available through your FuturePass.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="53565641-637b-4680-aa06-1b1b60703407" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>You grant Futureverse (and/or our licensors) a limited, royalty-free, worldwide license to use your FuturePass Stuff for the sole purpose of and to the extent necessary to comply with the Permissions granted to Futureverse.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="8426a02a-eb3e-4a96-94b5-f79b89ecf808" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>You represent and warrant that you are the owner or valid licensee of, or otherwise have all necessary intellectual property rights in or to, the Stuff you use in any Futureverse Experience.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="fe1bd5e2-05b8-45ff-8640-2a0d74567c27" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li>You indemnify Futureverse for any direct loss, damages, costs, and/or expenses (including legal expenses) incurred by us arising from or in connection with any infringement or alleged infringement of third-party intellectual property rights through your FuturePass activity (including use of any Stuff) in any Futureverse Experience.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="50283d33-4f99-4f46-bb3b-58060cd6a6ea" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li>Futureverse and/or our licensors reserve all rights in or to Futureverse and Futureverse Experiences, and nothing in these Terms constitutes a transfer or license of any of our (and/or our third-party licensors’) intellectual property rights in any Futureverse Experience.</li></ol><p id="d40e7983-25e8-4d06-87ee-c930eeac2eb1" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="f7d8fb72-9a75-4ca3-95c0-62e81fccccfe" class="numbered-list" start="16"><li><strong>Acknowledgements</strong><ol type="1" id="f32fe1b6-6ae6-4d75-a7e7-3da0cbe2e9d6" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You acknowledge and confirm that use of your FuturePass may be subject to applicable laws (in addition to these Terms) and you represent and warrant that your use of your FuturePass will at all times:<ol type="1" id="adc0f837-5d43-415e-a873-5341698bdfcf" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>comply with these Terms; and</li></ol><ol type="1" id="ce47589b-8ccc-426c-9b51-4dd4a0cf74b7" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>comply with all applicable laws.</li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="1a4cd0bf-1a7c-4e7f-ac87-3f25aa6329f1" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>You are not required to pay any fees to create a FuturePass. However, you are solely responsible and liable for any fees, costs, expenses, gas, or other liabilities incurred through FuturePass activity.</li></ol><p id="c28fe151-f99c-43fb-b32e-e0eb02fdde1b" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="7688e8c1-e06d-491f-9dfd-f4b553149f56" class="numbered-list" start="17"><li><strong>Disclaimer – Risk Disclosure</strong><ol type="1" id="46a77089-45e9-4358-b5dc-cc9d74becfc3" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>There are inherent risks associated with transactions and activity conducted through your FuturePass – please refer to our Risk Disclosure Statement for further information.</li></ol><p id="d230c648-8112-42a1-aa6e-4089e44609ea" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="ea10468f-c7b0-4b55-9b23-40523ea3b383" class="numbered-list" start="18"><li><strong>FuturePass suspension, deactivation, and termination</strong><ol type="1" id="12bdebdf-96af-4241-a2f5-9d07d20499d9" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li><strong>Deactivation: </strong>you can deactivate your FuturePass by updating your Permissions through the Dashboard to remove all Primary Wallet(s) and Permissioned Wallets. Once you have removed/revoked all Permissions you will no longer have access to your FuturePass. Notwithstanding:<ol type="1" id="d26d0ec1-e6ca-477e-9520-8ee928e44b48" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>all on-chain activities conducted through your FuturePass while it was active will remain visible; and</li></ol><ol type="1" id="5d6a2b76-4d2a-4f74-bc85-1ad0ec2810b5" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>removal or revocation of certain Permissions may be subject to applicable notice period(s) imposed by an Experience and/or Permissioned Wallet before becoming effective.</li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="65fe26aa-b5ad-42c9-8543-bbbe496ca382" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li><strong>Suspension and termination: </strong>we reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate use of your FuturePass in Futureverse Experiences with immediate effect if at any time we:<ol type="1" id="ed89c250-c562-42bc-ae30-c8f593a9d48c" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>reasonably believe you have breached these Terms; and/or</li></ol><ol type="1" id="6c2ceb05-d24e-44eb-899f-20077677a973" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>reasonably suspect or reasonably believe that you have used and/or are using your FuturePass to engage in any form of illegal, illegitimate, unethical or offensive conduct or activity/ies; and/or</li></ol><ol type="1" id="5182923b-0ef1-4d14-bf74-761f19210508" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li>are required to do so to meet our own legal requirements.</li></ol><p id="6bd0ab96-b477-4e3c-8d3a-38c8319666e1" class=""></p></li></ol></li></ol><ol type="1" id="a1d55c4e-9ab0-4c33-a640-2d2266d5affe" class="numbered-list" start="19"><li><strong>Privacy</strong><ol type="1" id="9506d026-43db-471a-8620-27ec8a772a7a" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>By creating a FuturePass, you acknowledge and consent to Futureverse collecting, storing, and using personal information associated with your FuturePass in accordance with our <a href="https://futureverse.com/legal/privacy">Privacy Policy</a> in order to comply with the Permissions granted to it for the purpose of Futureverse Experiences.  We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children. If you are a parent or guardian and believe your minor child has provided us with Personal Information without your consent, please contact us at&nbsp;<a href="mailto:privacy@futureverse.com">privacy@futureverse.com</a>&nbsp;and we will take steps to delete such Personal Information from our systems.</li></ol><p id="02f29928-9383-42a8-a8c8-558d084b1dd2" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="b6c2c752-0031-4f51-be3e-c0cdc3b0f8b0" class="numbered-list" start="20"><li><strong>Limitation of liability</strong><ol type="1" id="a8250b32-d58b-4b4d-951c-de11dfaa209b" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>Subject to clause 15.2, 15.3, and to the extent permitted by law, Futureverse excludes and is not liable for any loss, costs, liability, expenses, and/or damages (including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary) arising from or in relation to use of your FuturePass.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="66f3e2a4-0287-4c28-84ab-4e7e1e8f24ba" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li>Where you are a “consumer” pursuant to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (<strong>CGA</strong>), nothing in these Terms limits or excludes your rights under the CGA.</li></ol><p id="668bb495-3d78-445d-a606-705f48d96f14" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="b22b0d17-6458-4324-ba71-3dcc793c6337" class="numbered-list" start="21"><li><strong>Tax</strong><ol type="1" id="06d1cbab-99b7-4265-bf79-606f889065f0" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li>You are solely responsible and liable for determining and meeting your own tax obligations under any applicable laws in any jurisdiction, in relation to your Stuff, transactions, and other activity conducted via your FuturePass.</li></ol><p id="d5a6419a-3333-44a9-a6d6-953a02193257" class=""></p></li></ol><ol type="1" id="82415daf-fd81-4897-a8d4-6d4bc99ced4f" class="numbered-list" start="22"><li><strong>General</strong><ol type="1" id="2419df6c-b155-4da1-a7ab-44613c74d84d" class="numbered-list" start="1"><li><strong>Updates: </strong>We may update or amend these Terms from time to time (including to comply with changing laws and in line with updates to FuturePass functions and operations). If we make any material changes then we’ll notify you via a notification (or something similar) when you log in to your FuturePass, and provide a reasonable notice period where relevant. If you do not agree to any changes, then you may deactivate your FuturePass, or remove all Futureverse Permissions via the Dashboard. If you do not deactivate your FuturePass or remove all Futureverse Permissions within any notice period provided, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes to the Terms.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="535bdc56-ee80-4c9b-873e-60fa418f67f6" class="numbered-list" start="2"><li><strong>Notices: </strong>any notices will be deemed to be delivered to and received by you on that date that we issue them to the Primary Wallet associated with your FuturePass.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="1d24ca67-b7c3-4b92-9ec0-95e51ad207b8" class="numbered-list" start="3"><li><strong>Severability: </strong>If any provision contained in these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable by any competent authority, all other provisions of these Terms will remain in full force and effective and will not in any way be impaired.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="8d1b5aaa-d28a-4005-8d80-36393fda8d9f" class="numbered-list" start="4"><li><strong>Waiver: </strong>A failure to enforce and provision of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such provision unless it is in writing and signed by the party providing the waiver.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="996a350a-c2f4-48f3-9386-27c56e7d6ddd" class="numbered-list" start="5"><li><strong>Translation: </strong>Where these Terms and have been translated into languages other than English and issued by Futureverse as an official translated version of these Terms, in the event of any discrepancy between the English and the translated texts, the English text shall prevail and be used to solve doubts of interpretation.</li></ol><ol type="1" id="2276416f-2dba-47fc-a333-f9cbd4329da6" class="numbered-list" start="6"><li><strong>Governing law: </strong>These Terms are governed by New Zealand law.</li></ol></li></ol><p id="c08cefe0-70f4-45c2-ac5e-1eca9ecf43db" class=""><strong>Last updated: </strong><strong><span>19</span></strong><strong> June, 2024</strong></p><p id="4482b49a-94fe-4c29-b8ab-96f015af5e1c" class=""></p><p id="cbf63d98-0692-440d-a73b-b54a56b0012f" class=""></p><p id="307489fd-5026-4b51-9c28-bb12a5a16a57" class=""></p></div></details></div>